Many of Our Friends and Family at KRHS FM, are no longer with us.

The little FM radio station was nothing but a dream. Twofamilies banded together, the Pfeiffers and the Freemans. Chuck and Mid Pfeiffer would put up the capital, and Al and Millie Freeman would build the station. Chuck and Al had become fast friends in the military. The radio station was born, nestled in the Holiday Plaza, in Holiday Shore, Arizona. K- Radio Holiday Shores (KRHS). We didn't have sidewalks, and the boundaries of the city of Bullhead were so loosely defined. The struggling young station fall on hard times resulting in the memorable "dollar a holler" period. I remember times when Millie Freeman reached into personal resources to make sure the djs were paid. There was never a "Thanksgiving" dinner at their home that didn't include a staff member or two. There were so many talented individuals associated with KRHS FM over the years. It is difficult to know where to begin. Robin Marrow (Mr. "M") and his "River of Dreams". Robin's rich bass crooner style voice, conjured up visions of tranquility. His poetry, mixed with a generous supply of " 1930s Big Band" music, bought the time period to life. Dave Jessi, morning personality. Always remembered for his signature line, especially in public, " I'm Dave Jessi ". I remember doing a live-remote, and that is the last thing we heard before someone knocked Dave's tooth out with one punch. We did not have medical, or dental insurance in those days. The Pfeffers generously paid for a "flipper" prosthetic tooth. Don Webb, sales and "Oldies Jock" is still very active in radio. Don is best remembered for his contribution of preserving "good old rock and roll". Don broadcasts authentic oldies weekend radio content, complete with real voices of vintage music stars. Battling with health issues, Don continues thrill his audiences at Route 66 KDSK Albuquerque, NM. Founding cast members of KRHS.COM include, author, advertising mogul, and Las Vegas business owner, Brian Rouff. Brian joined KRHS FM in the 1980s. With Brian's help, and Larry Tuna's excitement for the station, financial issues were no longer pressing in around all of us. Brian delivered his own brand of music. Other Remembrances should include, Royce Blake, - dj, Zella (office support) , Mean Gene - 1980s KRHS dj, and of course John Whitford - KRHS Country dj. John is a founding member of KRHSFM.COM and was present at the KRHS 4th of July Reunion. I am sure that I have missed others that should be included here. My sincere apologies for not being able to credit everyone. Also, Please forgive my literary inadequacies. Best Regards, Pat Hobbs

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